Green Flag Steel & Welding LLC

Specializes in projects of tensile fabric structures. We intend to provide the market with high-quality product and service, with highly skilled and experienced technical workforce.

Green Flag Steel &Welding LLC was created from the vision of a successful entrepreneur who has more than years of experience in the welding and tent industry.

As your partner in design and manufacturing, Green Flag Steel &Welding LLC provides support in creating hi-precision tent components. We take pride in delivering a precision and high quality product from the moment the component enters our shop till it is delivered to your premises.

In the domain of the services and value added assemblies, we are a preferred choice supplier of many of our clients. Most of our clients are with us since our inception.

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Our Vision

“To enable our clients to explore new areas of opportunity and expand perspectives in providing quality products at an optimum cost”
• To build our reputation for quality, reliability, responsiveness and innovation.
• To exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers and our employees.
• To forge strategic partnerships with customers & suppliers for mutual competitive advantage.

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Our Mission

We Promise only what we can really do. And do what we promise.

Our Values
• Ethical and lawful business behavior – no exceptions.
• Honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do-this is the basis of trust.
• Reliability and accountability: We fulfill our commitments to our employees and customers
• The belief that exceptional service is the foundation of longstanding customer relationships.
• A passion for winning: Achieving the highest possible performance in all that we do.
• Consistency and excellence through standardization.
• Giving back to our communities.

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