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We would like to introduce Green Flag Tents. A Sharjah based company dealing in Manufacturing And supply of tents (sales and rental). we also fabrication supply and installation on car parking sheds And manufacturing and installation of canopy for doors and windows.

Our Products

Our products include Tent, Car Parking Shade, Shades, Tarpaulins, Canopy, Awning, Umbrella, Event Tents in all over the UAE.


At Green Flag Tents you will get the best quality tents that will suit best as your camping tent in your trip.It comes with curtains that are wind resistant, rain resistant and helps in keeping warm inside.

Car Parking Shades

Car parking tents are one of the vital product that we provide in Green Flag Tents . We have a varied range of car parking tents of different dimensions, designs and edifices.


You can avail an exclusive range of Sun Shades from us that too at a very reasonable rate. The shades we provide are made from premium quality materials that can give protection from the extreme heat of the sun and its UV rays.


Are you thinking of camping on a rainy day? Then Tarpaulins are of great help. We provide premium quality Tarpaulins that will help you in protecting yourself from rain and muds in the area where you have put your tent.


Canopy shades are one of the reasonable and convenient solution that offers perfect shades. At green Flag, we offer canopy shades that are made from premium quality products and with the help of state-of the art technologies,.


Now you can camp on rainy days. Because we will provide you the best quality of Awnings with tarpaulins, that will protect you from mud and rain. So you can camp in any season.Tarpaulins are well watered resistant.


we think we have mastered ourselves in providing you with umbrella shading. It is available with us in a large variety of sizes and can provide shade to an area with large space.

Events Tents

At Green Flag Tents you will get the best quality tents that will suit best as your camping tent in your trip. It comes with curtains that are wind resistant, rain resistant and helps in keeping warm inside.





Today, Green Flag Tents Industries is internationally recognized as a leader and innovator in the Tents and Event Rental Industry with a foundation built on a dedication to excellence in all areas of the business, our strength lies in offering a gamut of high-quality products; custom designed tents, manufactured shades and installed.


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 Our goal at Precision is to help our clients develop a clear understanding of the costs and risks associated with their projects so they can better plan for success.

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We focus on two specific elements in Tental Tents planning: Quality Services and Great Performance Services.

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  •   Car Parking Shade
  •   Shades
  •   Tarpaulins
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  •   Event Tents

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